Why he doesn’t text after hookup if sex was good

Those sexy guys, they drive us crazy with their hotness first and then with their distant attitude second. Why wouldn’t they just text to us if the night was totally satisfying?

Do not get stressed over that. Psychologists never stop repeating that guys have a different way of thinking. Even in serious relationships, they hesitate to give a sign of their interest.

If you’re really into learning more about that and understanding them better, it’ll be educative for you that reasons can be many. Remember guys are mostly one-tasked, everything distracts them.

  1. Football with friends. It’s such a banal reason but it’s the most common, too.
  2. Beer alone with TV. Such an important part of their routine relaxation!
  3. Another girl calling. Even if not interested, they’ll talk for an hour just for curiosity, you can just try to hookup.
  4. Family gatherings. It’s typical both for the good guys and bad guys on weekends.
  5. Shyness and timidity. If you’re too hot or he is too innocent, it can happen as well.
  6. Work and studies. Please, never forget about their daily duties and busy hours.
  7. Video games and stuff. Oh, yes! Boys will be boys, so do not get offended easily.