Should I Pay For Finding A Rich Cougar On Cougar Dating Site? How To Meet Real Cougars On Cougar Dating Site?

Are you looking to meet real cougars?  There are many cougar dating sites out there, including free cougar dating sites.  Many people have a variety of questions for finding real cougars online.  Today we are going to help you date a cougar by answering some of the most common questions about cougar dating online.

Should I Pay For Finding A Rich Cougar?

An all too common question when looking to meet real cougars is whether or not you should pay to use a dating site.  The answer is probably yes.  Most of the free cougar dating sites have a smaller selection of people to choose from and more fake profiles.  Paid cougar dating websites provide more vetting and just the fact that you have to pay acts as a way of vetting.

That being said, it is completely possible to use a free dating site to find cougars.  When you use a free dating site, you will spend more time looking for matches, reading profiles, and answering messages.  For some people, that isn’t a bad thing.

How Do I Know If A Site Is Good Before I Pay?

There are two steps to establishing whether or not a site is worth paying for.  The first step is to sign up for the free features or the free trial.  Most dating sites that require users to pay will allow people to test drive their site.  This allows you to see how many users they have, what the average user base is like, and what matchmaking features they have.

The second thing that you will want to do is read some summaries and user reviews of the website.  A great place to look is rating services such as Yelp or dating review sites.  Gather as much information before paying as possible.  A simple Google search of the site plus the word review will help you to gather some information.

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How Do I Tell If A Profile Is Real?

We have all seen it before, the cougar dating profile that looks too good to be true.  How do you tell if it is really too good to be true?  Look through the photographs and see if they look like they are professional or not.  Read the profile itself.  A large amount of grammar or spelling errors is often an indication that something is fake.

Lastly, if your gut is telling you that something is too good to be true, it is probably right.  Often times our guts pickup on things that our minds are able to process as quickly.very sex cougar women

How Do I Craft The First Message?

Simple, craft the message like she were any other woman.  Cougars are regular women too and part of the reason they are looking for cubs is that they want to feel young again.  Part of feeling young is to have a refreshing message sent to them.  Make sure to create a message that is enticing and elicits a response.  Don’t be over complimentary but don’t feel nervous to through in one compliment.

Most importantly, do not send a one line message.  “Hello” or “Hello, what’s up?” are both messages that are bound to get shot down.

What Should My Profile Look Like?

A large portion of getting a match on a cougar dating site is your first message.  The rest of it comes down to your profile.  You want to craft a profile that is designed to win people over.  It should talk about who you are, your interests, your likes, and even your dislikes.

Here is a tip though, avoid using the word I too much.  When you over use the word I you come off as being self-focused.

Lastly, you don’t want to lie.  Lying on your profile can sometimes be spotted rather easily.  Lying turns most cougars off and you are bound to get caught in your lies sooner or later.

Now that you know some of the basic answers to cougar dating online you can make the choice of the right cougar dating site and set up a good profile.  You have the power to find the cougar that is right for you.

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