Genuine Russian bride or scam?

Of course sometimes people are trying to hide something about their selves, that it is quite possible might turn their partners off from them, like for example a woman starts corresponding while in the next room her husband and child are sleeping, she is not very happy about her husband, but of course it is a risk to divorce and stay alone raising a child in the moment when there are no backup “options”, in this kind of situation the correspondence sounds like a real plan, as it allows people getting to know each other, find a lot of things in common, and as a result fall in love with each other easily, but in reality it is a form of betrayal. As this person is betraying the spouse, even if that spouse is not the person to be happy with, but in this case it is better to say the truth and leave instead of doing something behind the back, there is nothing worse than that. Of course their marriage might be a very bad one, but still, he might have met some better woman as well, but he decided to keep the family and close his own feelings, for the sake of family.

Or there are cases when women actually are much elder than they are trying to show, and they are afraid to show and say that as they believe that youth and beauty are the only things they can be proud of. That is why those women are a bit “changing” their age, and place some sort of picture where the face features are not very clear.

There are cases when there is communication between a person who is in prison or is disabled, but in correspondence it is difficult to trace that. All of people are using masks on the daily basis, but the truth is that behind those attractive masks in reality there are very outstanding personalities who might overwhelm you with their charisma and born charm, but due to the lack of self confidence they don’t even have an idea about it. Of course this all lying doesn’t make them look better, but the truth is, that in some cases it is their only chance to get your attention and time enough so you can reveal their great personality before discovering their “ugly real face”. girlsexy

And of course there is the other side of this situation, when behind those masks you meet people who are doing it in purpose, i mean lowering their social status or the details of their physical appearance, as they want you to turn your attention in the first place not upon their status or the breast size, but upon the personality they really are. The thing that unites all the types of people listed above is their desire to keep cautions. They are not starting the battle right in a second, not they are thoroughly counting their tactics and give each other a time out for the “right” answer which will bring their relationships on the “right way”. They are trying, because finding the right person and make a right impression upon this person is very important for them.

Why do people have a certain prejudice upon this kind of acquaintances? This question has to do with the fear of getting interested with a person whom is lying and pretending to be someone else, or the fear of getting a lot of words from people who are not very good for you.

Some of the people who reject all kind of acquaintances in the internet say that they don’t want to feel as they are “goods on the market”, and the other part is afraid of being rejected by people they like, some people will convince you that they believe in destiny and if it is meant to find a soul mate someday, then God will make it possible and this person will appear in life out of nowhere.

The truth is, that in modern world people turn too much attention upon the physical appearance and stopped carrying at all about the only thing that really matter – about the soul and personal qualities as well as personal treasures.