E-mail scams

In recent years many Internet users that are registered on dating sites received a lot of e-mail scams letters. Scammers are trying to rob the unsuspecting users from different dating websites.

Typically, fraudsters use these tactics to get the money. A person who placed an ad on a dating website, receives an e-mail scam in which a charming (photo attached) with a girl from a distant African country (often Nigeria) that offers friendship and love. The girl tearfully asks to help her, however don’t take them lightly this is definitely not the girl you saw and it is definitely one of e-mail scams. Unsuspecting users, stunned with the financial problems, send money to scammers.

Note that e-mail scams can be different and very realistic. Experts note that the recent criminals are much smarter. Despite the fact that they act on the old “Nigerian” schemes, they look for new ways to lie to you and take your money. E-mail scams are not the only ways, more often scammers ask users to send them money on the cell phone so that they could talk with you freely. And how strange that sounds but people believe such lies and send them the money. If by any chance you see that you became the victim of e-mail scams then don’t waste your time and contact the websites admins and security staff to solve your situation. Most of the false accounts are checked and deleted. To ensure the security and privacy of your account always check the information page at the website you want to join. It is better to check this info at the first stage of registration than after the scam is complete. No one at dating website will ask you for money transfers. All users are wealthy and normal people. They join to find friends or serious relationships.