Different forms of swing

Closed swing

In the closed swinger couples, the exchange of the partners is present but they prefer not to make love in front of each other. They make it in different rooms or even leave the building and do it in the hotel or somewhere else. Indoor swing, as many believe, creates an atmosphere of freedom, emancipation. Nothing distracts the cloistered swing from getting fresh sensations of intimacy with the “temporary partner.” Indoor swing in the process itself introduces greater and enjoyable intimacy.

Opened swing

Couples don’t have this phobia as the previous ones, so they are exchanging wives and husbands and can do “it” in the same room, and often, even in the same bed. Swingers who practice such method have quickening intimacy, claim that this form gives freedom to your fantasies and experiments. They are fully implemented in the open swing and their erotic desires. However, not all those who, in principle, practice swing, can accept it. To display the private pleasures, that is typical for open swing and quietly watch how your woman or man enjoys the sex with a stranger is not for everyone. Those who are inclined to exhibitionism and voyeurism get the most amazing sex. The very act in the open swing is a demonstration of emotions. And watching how your partner receives more pleasure than he or she received with you can become more depressing. Of course, for the shy, frigid and reserved opened sex won’t work. However they can try to beat that at clubs for swingers Ottawa. Appropriate dress is a must.

Soft swing

This form is practical even in Ottawa. It is the most “harmless” kind of sexual intercourse. In the soft swing swapping partners is only a prelude to sex. Sometimes couples are practicing even oral sex. However there is no vaginal penetration in soft swing. Those who practice it say that they are able to refresh, to shake their relationships with just pleasure and satisfaction. Soft swing adds spice, variety, but there is no betrayal, as such.

Since the soft swing – is to say, gentle version, then it could be a beginners choice. That does not mean that these stages must be experienced during your emotional blow. And not all those who decided to try to swing, starting with gentle swing. Every man chooses what he prefers the most.