New York Cougar Dating

Men and online dating are things that can’t coexist. They think that can e-mail women and say anything just to get those to meet with them. Some of the e-mails are arrogant and rude.

There are 7 things you must avoid when you are cougar dating in NY.
1. Do not ask about the weigh or what size are her breasts. This will definitely break the mood and she will never talk to you again. If you want only sex, then it’s not a better way to start your conversations.
2. Do not send her a dozen letters asking why she had not responded to your first letter. Women tend to get far more letters than men, so please be patient. Rather than pursue it, relax and be assured that she will respond to it.
3. Another great mistake that men make when they are at cougar dating websites is they are noxious to find out how many men the woman had in her life, and how often she has sex with strangers.
4. It is not recommended to send any angry letters at cougar dating websites to the woman after she did not answer to your letters or dumped you. If she ignores you then why get angry about it? There are thousand other women profiles that are waiting for a good man.
5. Do not ask her whether she wants to make love with you in the second letter. For women, the main thing is spiritual communication. Some women will give you the answer you waited but there are those who search for communication not sex with a stranger.
6. If the woman gave you her phone number, no need to wait a week to call her. Women at cougar dating websites love strong men that will call them now, but not the men with no balls. She gave you the number then you should catch the moment.
7. When you ask to send more photos, do it without a hint on “Send some pictures to look at your body”.