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About Date advice for women

Dating blogs for women and men always help them educate themselves and increase their chance to find a match online. Russian girls for instance, love dating blogs since they like to learn.
What it means for single men from the west? It means they’ll date online efficiently with better results, girls will treat them with more respect, care, understanding, since articles about men are informative.

Dating experts aren’t just experienced travelers who succeeded in finding love abroad, there are also professional psychologists and relationship therapists among them who know which advice to give.
Eastern European hookups, as well as casual affairs in Asia and Latin countries became possible mostly thanks to adult dating blogs, since all these women were very traditional before.

chance to find a match online

Since single girls receive their date advice in a flexible, entertaining form, they adopt it easier and start developing their own dating ideas and concepts, which is very helpful for men.
All this explains why sexy Russian women and girls from many other countries choose dating apps with social network elements that include dating blogs and forums, best tips for singles online.

Questions and answers

Which Eastern European country is cheaper to date in?
Ukraine and Bulgaria are quite cheap to visit and to date in.

How to detect real photos of the girls?
Ask them to send as many as possible and compare them to each other.

How to invite a girl to my hometown?
Learn her position in advance, if she has travelled already and is open-minded, she’ll accept.

How to go out safely in a girl’s town?
Have a pepper spray with you, no kidding it helps everywhere. Talk less and dress like locals.

How to get to know whether she is a hookup material?
Study her behavior in general and her ways to flirt in particular, her postures in the photos.

How to avoid cultural misunderstandings?
Compliment her country cuisine and her cooking, learn some of the traditions in advance.

How to avoid shopping during the date?
Some men simply claim they forgot their bank card, or it doesn’t function in this country.

What does if a girl contacts me online almost 24/7?
Check whether she is a dating site worker or just a jobless model who is bored.

Eastern European women and relationships date advice

You probably know that beautiful Slav women live in many countries of Eastern Europe, but Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are considered the most typical places for this kind of dating.
Why are Slavic girls better than others? It can play a role for a man who appreciates classical beauty and values in women. If you’re after blondes with blue eyes, Belarus is perfect for you.

The north of Russia also offers thousands of such Nordic beauties. In the rest of Russia, chestnut haired women prevail while in Ukraine, many are dark-eyed with olive skin and black hair.
But regardless, all these hotties are tall, slim, refined, elegant, with prolonged thin bones, sensual facial features, long hair. They are considered the most classy and iconic in the whole world.
This phenomenon is still hard to explain but yes, the most beautiful women live in Russia and other post-Soviet countries. They often win very prestigious beauty awards and world contests.

most beautiful women live in Russia

Yet, dating them is easy. One won’t encounter enormous demands like in the west, naivety and loosy mind like in the Philippines, greed for money like in Cuba. Russian girls are their man’s best friends.
Just open your eyes for their advantages and don’t be critical due to your past experiences or wrong preoccupations. Be positive, and Russian women will impress you with their sweetness.

How to succeed in dating online?

Who wouldn’t want to be sure about his superman abilities to enchant any hot girl he meets? Yet, single men don’t do much in this regard. Their greetings and further communication are standard.
But for conquering a very special girl, we should take very special measures. Unique and enthusiastic first message, video chatting full of surprises, gifts delivery ordering really make miracles.

Online courtship was meant to naturally replace or even outshine offline courtship. But we think it’s just a tool for getting what we want, very quickly, like ordering food or booking tickets online.
Women are not the items though, the more gallantly we behave, the quicker they start to like us. It is noticed that men’s messages were substantial and romantic decades ago, but not today.
Spreading the negative rumor about scammers and men’s super busy schedules make this lack of attention even more noticeable. But we should reverse this process, to gain back women’s warmth.

female romantic interaction

Many of them, especially Eastern European singles complain about men’s coldness, almost ignorance, even in their very first messages, even if girls’ profile photos are totally stunning.
We need to remember it’s still courtship, it’s still male – female romantic interaction, it’s still our emotional investment into the future. If we treat girls well, we hookup and date with more success.

What are good first date questions?

• What brought you to the idea of dating a foreigner?
• Do you think man should make all your dreams come true, or you’re independent?
• Do you prefer light touches or deep kisses?
• Do erotic movies turn you on?
• Do you perceive better a visual or audial information?
• What is your favorite kind of fragrance and cologne?
• What you can’t stand in a relationship?
• What brings you relax and peace?
• What kind of person would you call a true man?
• Do you like hugging your partner often?

idea of dating a foreigner

What are good questions to ask a single girl online?

• What is a key word to turn you on?
• What is your most unusual romantic fantasy?
• Do you consider yourself open-minded, or conservative?
• Do you prefer indoor or outdoor sex?
• What was your most extreme experience with a lover?
• Is personal space important to you, or you like to share everything?
• What do you consider the sexiest about yourself?
• What kind of music turns you on?
• Which questions you wouldn’t like to be asked?
• Where do you want to go at our first meeting?

How to date in post-Soviet countries?

Many stereotypes are connected with former USSR countries and citizens, both positive and negative ones. Some men still fear to date in Russia and Belarus considering them communistic and unsafe.
However, political regimes and events there aren’t as harsh as in poor Latin countries, thousands of tourists are getting the best impressions of their visit. It’s even more helpful if you learn some nuances first.

Slav women are unique in their own way, they absolutely cannot be infected with western feminism. Forever and ever, they possess softness, tenderness, obedience, admiration towards their man.
At the same time, Russian and Belarus girls aren’t very patriotic, they are bored with local men who do not seem to enjoy a true man’s role. All Eastern European women are happy to meet a foreign guy.

Eastern European women

From their side, it’s just willing to live a normal life with a loving man, travel together even if rarely and in the most modest way, raise a child in a country with perspectives, or to enjoy the two-of-us thing.
When dating a Russian or Ukrainian girl, one should remember they have classical patterns of courtship and relationships in their minds, and these ideals are nearly impossible to erase.

These patterns include visiting their parents with a piece of cake and a bottle of champagne, presenting flowers to a girl on each occasion, discussing things and asking for each other’s advice.
If to behave this way, any Slavic girl will call you a prince charming, and a very special person for themselves. It’s a bit naïve, but very pleasant to hear, and very rewarding in regards of sex.

Success stories about Russian dating online

“For me, all Eastern Europe is fascinating. I date Moldovan girls, when I want some authentic atmosphere of small streets, and a good wine. I date Russian girls, when I miss a busy city life.
I date Ukrainian women, when I want swimming and sunbathing for free, enjoying active sports with my partner. And I date Belarus models, simply because I love Nordic blondes with blue eyes.
So I can tell about my experience for days, but for now I would like to share my love story with Alexandra from Kyiv. She is such a sweetie and a true lady, she is a high-demand model already.
It’s the first time I date a girl of such a class, and she doesn’t consider me old although we have a big age gap. I met her online on one of top dating sites, and I suggest all western men to try them at least once”.

date Russian girls

“I met Angelica in Sochi, Moscow and it’s a beautiful city. We chatted for two months before I visited her, had chemistry both online and offline, and made love on the first date.
I knew she wasn’t an escort girl, we just really fell in love. After some time, I met her parents although I was very nervous to do that. I also took her to a short trip to Istanbul and it was awesome.
I’d like to encourage all singles who seek romantic connections online, and tell them it’s easier than you think. Many girls there can like us, and many are beautiful enough to make us like them too”.

“My trip to Belarus was surprisingly successful, I knew there are millions of hot sexy girls but was a bit fearful about their strict regime and ethic police. But nothing bothered me at all during my trip.
Girls were very welcoming and open, their beauty was striking, they talked good English, so I didn’t have any problem making new friends. Soon, I had a solid base of their phone numbers.
However, I am not too young or too wealthy to manage many women, I eventually chose Elena who was half my age. She said it’s not an issue for her, and I indeed saw many couples with the age gap.
We communicated pretty well and I felt it’s not the right situation to force our first intimacy. It happened at the end of my trip, and we both were greatly satisfied by our sexual compatibility.
I think dating a Russian or Eastern European girl is the best thing a westerner can do, because they seem to be last ones on Earth with correct principles and natural femininity”.

romantic connections online

“Svetlana and I met in Perm, an average industrial city of Russia. It is less known that Yekaterinburg, but if to talk about women, almost all of them are good-looking blondes.
We went to several nightclubs in Perm but then I flew her to Moscow. Our time there was much brighter and we became lovers. Svetlana is a typical non-spoiled girl of old fashion, but I love this in her.
I think she’s perfect for being with me in the US, so we are arranging papers for that already. Sveta is very respectful and obedient, I never met this time in my country and I think it’s distinct there.
Thanks to the dating apps, we found each other across the world and formed a happy couple. I thank modern technologies and recommend to all men grab this chance as soon as possible”.

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